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La Porteña Chimichurri

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Small Batch Argentine Chimichurri Made in Portland, Oregon. “Chimichurri is the heart of the Argentine table,” says Jessica Viciconte, owner of La Porteña Chimichurri. It’s traditionally used as a garlicy, herby finishing sauce for barbecued foods. It’s also beloved as a topping for bread. Fresh, authentic and full of flavor, each variety is truly unique. Enjoy rich and smoky Spicy Red or Mom’s Green, which is bright and herby. 


In Argentina “Porteño” is what you lovingly call someone from Buenos Aires. It also pertains to any port city so as Portlanders we hold the same title. As first generation Argentine immigrants, our family has always built community through the food we gather around. Our Dad’s famous ’Asados’ (barbecues) and Mom’s Chimichurri were our way to share tradition and delicious dishes with new friends. Carrying with me the ‘food is love’ philosophy that my parents instilled, it has always been my passion to pass forward our recipes and heritage. Working in the service and food industry I have learned how special and informed the food culture here in Portland is but have craved more of the South American flavors in our increasingly diverse local cuisines. I set out to see that those piquant spices are better represented and have worked to bring our family chimichurri to market while offering the best local ingredients.